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Frequently Asked Questions...


1. How Does Energy Healing Therapy Work?


Energy Healing Therapy helps balance and clear energy that may be constricted due to physical, mental or emotional difficulties. The practitioner uses their hands to help move energy on its natural path while at times using Somatic Therapy and Awareness Dialogue with you to help bring to the surface the issue that may be contributing to the constriction. This allows you to actively take part in your own body’s natural ability to heal.

2. How Do I Prepare For a Treatment?


In order to fully relax during the treatment:​

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Eat so you’re not hungry or too full.

  • Refrain from consuming alcohol or recreational drugs prior to treatment.

  • Arrive 10 minutes early.

3. How Many Sessions Will I Need?


The amount of sessions will vary depending on the person and the issue. To alleviate and better cope with stress, it may take 1-3 sessions. For more persistent issues treatments can range from 5-10 or more.

4. What Should I Expect After My Treatment?

  • There’ll be a short debrief after the treatment to get your insights and feedback.

  • You’ll learn how to build resilience, develop self-care and coping strategies to help support you in your ongoing healing after your treatment(s) and in your everyday life.

  • You should get the required rest and hydrate sufficiently.

Treatment Rates

60 Minute Treatment - $90
Mobile Service fee - $30

 (Will also visit Senior Citizen Retirement Facilities, Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities, Hospices and Hospitals).

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5. If I have an Illness or Condition Can I Still Undergo a Treatment?

Yes, Energy Healing Therapy is very gentle and can help alleviate some of the contributing symptoms. Your medical history, gathered during the initial Intake, will be taken into consideration prior to beginning a treatment. Please remember to fully disclose any medical concerns during the Intake.

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