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Energy Healing Therapy Vancouver

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Meet Teresa
Meet Energy Healer Teresa de Sousa.

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Meet Vancouver Healer

Teresa de Sousa

Member of Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioners (CAIEHP)

My own health challenges set me on a lifetime course to find solutions. I always refused to accept the conventional thought that things are just the way they are and that nothing can be done. Even at a young age, I knew intrinsically that there were solutions out there. Out there, ended up being much more about what was buried internally rather than external factors that I, and most of us, all too often believe are the source of health issues.

What I wanted most was to feel well, and Energy-based therapies such as Integrative Energy Healing, meditation, Traditional Chinese medicine and Qi-Gong, all worked to shed light on the sources of issues and bring them to the surface, which drastically improved my health. This set me on a course to share and assist others with their own healing.

I completed a 2-year certificate program in Integrative Energy Healing at Langara College and began doing treatments on medical staff at St. Paul’s Hospital as well as Addiction and Senior Centres throughout Vancouver. My story and journey is one of healing, as there is no greater sense of purpose than assisting others in their own self-discovery while empowering them to heal.


What My Clients Are Saying

“I first went to Teresa to get help with my neck pain and to deal with my highly charged emotions. After my first appointment, I immediately noticed how much my neck pain had diminished and how much calmer I felt. Throughout the course of the treatments, I also learned what had been contributing to my low self-esteem, over-eating, and addiction issues throughout my life. The treatments compelled me to begin to live a healthier lifestyle. I began to lose weight and have been able to keep the weight off for the last 2 years. Not only has it helped me understand myself much better physically, emotionally and spiritually, but it has resolved some of my addictive patterns and brought me greater peace of mind. I would definitely recommend Teresa to anyone wanting help in any area of their life. Thank you Teresa for everything you’ve helped me with. I feel blessed to have found you.”

"I was truly amazed by my body’s immediate reaction to the energy healing therapy.  I felt alive and free from tension and pain that has been ailing me for most of my adult life. The ability to take breaths at ease, and deeply relax my mind and body, has given me a new outlook on life and its many stresses. I really thank you Teresa for helping me learn about my mind and body connection and achieve a greater sense of being."

Lisa L. - Coquitlam

Veronica I. - Coquitlam

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