Holistic Healing Vancouver

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Treatment Rates

60 Minute Treatment - $90
Mobile Service fee - $30

(Will also visit Senior Citizen Retirement Facilities, Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities, Hospices and Hospitals).

What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy Healing Therapy is a non-invasive practice that is very gentle yet profound in its outcome. It enables you to connect deeply with yourself in order to let go of suppressed emotions in your body surfacing as chronic or acute symptoms, allowing your body to return to its natural healthy state and vitality. Energy Healing Therapy helps bring harmony and balance to you on all levels of your being: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


Energy Healing Therapy helps:​

  • Increase and restore your overall vital energy

  • Reduce pain, stress and anxiety

  • To relax and sleep better

  • Release suppressed emotions in your body that surface as chronic or acute symptoms. Your mind affects your body at all moments of the day. It is what is called the “mindbody” connection. Your thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs and attitudes can negatively affect your biological functioning. Suppressed painful experiences, traumas and unresolved feelings from the past are often held in our bodies contributing to a multitude of health issues, including reduced overall energy.

What Happens At a Treatment?

  1. Treatment begins with a brief conversation to gather information on your past and present health conditions. You only need to share what you feel comfortable with.

  2. A table treatment follows using therapeutic touch on or off the body (you decide).

  3. We debrief about your experience and insights from your table session.

  4. Finally, we co-create a plan of action for developing self-care, resilience-building and coping strategies to support you in everyday living and on your path in life.