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Holistic Healing Vancouver


What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy Healing Therapy is a non-invasive practice that is very gentle yet profound in its outcome. It enables you to connect deeply with yourself in order to let go of suppressed emotions in your body surfacing as chronic or acute symptoms, allowing your body to return to its natural healthy state and vitality. Energy Healing Therapy helps bring harmony and balance to you on all levels of your being: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


Energy Healing Therapy helps:​

  • Increase and restore your energy levels

  • Reduce pain, stress and anxiety

  • To relax and sleep better

  • Release suppressed emotions in your body that surface as chronic or acute symptoms also known as energy blocks.

  • Eliminate "energy blocks" caused by negative or suppressed emotions and feelings such as stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, limiting beliefs about yourself, and by past traumas and physical injuries

Energetic Blocks

  • Energy (Qi) flows along pathways in our bodies also called meridians. When the flow of energy becomes constricted or blocked in these pathways, it can result in all kinds of physical, emotional and mental conditions and illnesses.

What causes these blockages in the energy flow in our meridians?

  • Upsetting or negative mental states such as stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, worry, limiting beliefs about ourselves, suppressed painful past experiences and traumas including physical injuries. 

  • Negative states of of mind affect the flow of energy causing energetic blocks resulting in a long list of physical issues such as chronic pain, tension, headaches, fatigue and so on.

Energy Healing unblocks and restores the energy flow in these pathways allowing you to release the discomfort and suppressed emotion that may have contributed to it from the start while enhancing your body’s own natural ability to heal.


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