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Welcome to Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing Therapy is a non-invasive practice that is very gentle yet profound in its outcome. It enables you to connect deeply with yourself in order to let go of suppressed, unresolved issues, allowing your body to return to its natural healthy state and vitality. Energy Healing Therapy helps to harmonize and balance you on all levels of your being: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


I trained in Energy Healing at Langara College and completed the 2-year Advanced  program certificate (A.I.E.H).  I  began doing treatments on medical staff at St. Paul’s Hospital as well as Addiction and Senior Centers throughout Vancouver. My story and journey is one of healing, as there is no greater sense of purpose than assisting others in their own self-discovery while empowering them to heal.

About the Treatments


During the table treatment:

  • ​Treatments are individualized to your specific needs each session.

  • Done while you’re fully clothed lying down or sitting.

  • The practitioner places his or her hands gently on your body or off, if you prefer a no touch approach.

  • Blockages are removed in the energy pathways (meridians) to restore free flow of energy and promote full healing.

Blockages in the pathways (meridians) are caused by stress, emotional issues, negative thought patterns, traumas and physical injuries.

After the treatment:

  • You give feedback about your table treatment.

  • You share how you presently feel.

  • Practitioner shares his/her findings regarding your treatment.

  • Practitioner outlines a simple and easy to follow wellness plan for you to recover and heal.

It’s advisable to follow through the suggested amount of treatments, so you complete the healing process and return to your vital and healthy state.

During the Intake, the practitioner:

  • Gathers your health history, current symptoms, concerns and stress levels.

  • Asks you what you’d like the outcome to be for the treatment.

  • Explains the table treatment and what to expect while you’re on the table.

A first time session is 90 minutes, so that the practitioner can gather all of the necessary information on you as well as understand the issues that have brought you in for a treatment. First time clients will also be asked to complete a client and consent form.

Post treatment make sure to:

  • Hydrate

  • Get the rest you need. Listen to your body !

  • Avoid alcohol for a few days.

Post treatment clients report:

  • Feeling more energized, relaxed, happier, improved sleep, peace of mind, balanced, and motivated.

  • Feeling less tension, stress, acute and chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

“Having an Energy Healing Therapy session with Teresa is like having a mind, body and spirit tune-up. The E.H.T. sessions have also helped me release some very deep-rooted issues that talk therapy could not achieve, and I always feel lighter and brighter after each session. Teresa always makes me feel comfortable during sessions, and she is excellent at communicating the E.H.T. process. Highly recommended!"

Tanya T, Vancouver

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